Wellness Matrix Group’s mission is to develop the most technologically advanced healthcare models in a Virtual Reality/AR Creative Artificial Intelligence (CAI) Platform by fully integrating the Health & Wellness industry networks and program tools. The Wellness Matrix Group brand will be defined by its offering of the “Best of the Best” Doctors and Methodologies with Genome analysis, monitoring and predictive modeling simulation providing a state of the art Wellness Program for Quality of Life Longevity. (Similar to the United Rentals in the construction industry or “the Amazon of the Healthcare Industry”)

Data Authentication

For Data authenticity and validation it is essential to begin with legacy data then to integrate and assess the most accurate chemistry and physics based analysis of blood, skin and saliva Genome testing for patient/client starting information. This will become the industry’s new trusted accurate data model.  The collection, aggregation and assimilation of each protocol, product, program and outcome result will be physically monitored continuously into the Avatar via smart phones and watches and simulated in our VR/AR Creative artificial intelligent Platform™. Finally, the “best of the best” Doctors reviews and recommendations are noted and stored through our exclusive partner Supera data key card (see addendum) into the Avatar/patient record.


Supera, a company having spent more than 25 million dollars developing 30 patents issued worldwide with technology that is backwards compatible with all standard credit card formats. Utilizing the Supera data key card, all doctors and patient’s records are stored and shared in the VR/AR Creative artificial intelligent Platform™ online and offline.


Gathering Data

Mining legacy data, patient medical records and online research papers, IBM Watson along with our proprietary Creative artificial intelligence will analyze results, identify patterns/correlations, and diagnosis before being reviewed by the “Best of the Best” Doctors Lounge inside the VR/AR platform.

In using mathematics and computer science to calculate the very first impulse in cellular source data or vacuum state fluctuations, we simulate and model precise calculations of real life patient’s results or outcome to a product or methodology. Infinite scenarios and complex routines are then determined to predict patient/client protocol choices.

The idea is to produce a formula or algorithm that can be used to vet information as close to the source & creation of data before it is manipulated by academic influences.

By using the Supera healthcare data key card for verification and security for log in and out and Blockchain (IBM) for storage ledgers and publication in a HIPAA compliant platform.

Advanced Creative Intelligence Analytics

Evolution of analysis – why it is possible today?

Big Data Analysis Techniques – predictive modeling using regression, tree analysis, random forest, neural networks, and proprietary Creative artificial intelligence integrated into Genome fight or flight, stress-wear and tear or longevity measurements and machine-learning in continuous learning models that create consciousness and longevity data points defining quality of life. This is the practical basis currently available to extend one’s quality of life.

Disruptive Innovative Distribution

The partnering of advanced technologies and big data collection and analysis offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve healthcare across the globe. Breakthroughs in nanotechnology, virtual reality and Creative artificial intelligence improve delivery by quantum leaps. Our opportunity is that we are the first to use big data analytics, advanced statistics, and machine learning to authenticate and validate source data, monitor body functions, analyze and optimize outcomes, protocols and treatments from Alternative and Traditional medical models.


    We are committed to pro-actively improving ourselves, our partners, our customers, our competition.


    We value honest, respectful and non-judgmental communication.


    We cultivate trust, kindness, and generosity to promote successful collaboration in ourselves and our community of partners and customers.


    We honor cultural diversity as well as diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.


    We are committed to creating physical and virtual infrastructures that are in tune with the structures of how nature functions – a new model of sustainability.


    We value a business environment that promotes a balanced approach to achievement – good health, family, and a spirit of competitive fun.

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