Optimal World is a new Internet destination enabling a unique new evolution in technology and user experiences. We are leveraging advanced technologies to power highly immersive user experiences.  The antiquated websites of today are no more than glorified web brochures while Generation Z and Gen Y’ers are completely engulfed in mobile and game technology and 3D user experiences. This is leaving many companies coming up short on their current offerings for them.

Optimal World is a 3D virtual reality and augmented reality platform where companies can create new immersive experiences for their customers.  The Optimal World platform enables commerce, customer service, IVR solutions, gamification, augmented reality and full 3D interactive worlds of any size where your creativity is the only limitation.

Optimal World also has a sister company that holds 40 patents, enabling us to provide a unique highly secure environment for all transactions and communications.

We invite you to join us in bringing our world the Optimal World. The enclosed presentation material is a basic introduction to Optimal World and some of our vision. We are creating a virtual universe with a wide range of downstream possibilities, so we don’t attempt to cover them all off in one overview. Today we are engaging with amazing companies like yours to tap into your mission, creativity and imagination to expand the Optimal World.

A high-end studio process is used to create your avatar. This comprehensive 3D model is your exact look in a 3D world. This is a similar process as the ones used for digital rendering in big budget movies.

Your avatar will be able to represent your specific mission in a personal way across hundreds of channels of information on numerous subjects automatically.

The Platform of Virtual Reality

Imagine for a moment that you were invited to define ecommerce, to presell websites, to introduce mobile apps for the first time to the business world. This is the opportunity at hand with optimal world. Optimal world is an expansive multidimensional world where everything from worlds, countries, buildings, addresses, stores, commerce engines, clothes, furnishings, advertisements, cars, houses and people are effectively inventory.

Your organization is invited to establish a new business destination for your clients and new clients to access inventory from Optimal world. Considerations can be made to provide your organization with exclusivity in certain areas such as advertising agencies or OW categories.

Optimalworld Corp is offering a significant value proposition for its prospective business clients.  The creative design team at Optimalworld will build a custom 3D interactive web presence for its business clients and offer targeted solutions for their specific objectives in marketing, customer acquisition/retention, etc.

The experience of the Optimalworld team spans across many industry sectors.  The Company intends to seek development projects with a broad spectrum of clients to portfolio its capabilities.  For example, the following list would represent a sample of companies Optimalworld would consider ideal for first round project development:

D & B, First Data (KKR), Myspace (Justin Timberlake), http://www.bonofa.com/, ancestry.com, Classmates.com, Metabank  (18 mil members), Yahoo axis http://axis.yahoo.com/, MyLife, News agencies (Huffington, Drudge, MediaPass), Music industry Player, Movie industry Player, Sony/Disney/Pixar, Education (Phoenix University, National University).