John Valenty- CTO

My name is John Valenty. I’m one of those unusual “entrepreneur-types” who is not as interested in the spotlight as in being more hands-on into business, leadership, creativity and product development.

I’m the CEO of a number of start-up enterprises that ALL fly in formation together in service of my personal mission to create information systems that help people live healthier, happier and more successful lives.

I am in the process of rebuilding to truly deliver “evidence-based wellness” to the world. I believe there’s a much needed opportunity to organize, curate and present the efficacy of natural and holistic protocols for combating pain, fatigue, illness and disease and promoting a healthier, happier and more successful life. Wellness needs to be understood as the part of your health people CAN influence with the right information, products and protocols. Care to help? If so, we should definitely connect.

Lately, my digital marketing focus has been on email subscriber list building. The Earnware team is building all sorts of tech to make the process easier. I simply love collaborating with ambitious publishers who want to grow their lists faster, so if you need help, just ask.

I love helping young ambitious entrepreneurs. Business is very hard. I figure I owe young entrepreneurs anything I can to help as other more experienced entrepreneurs did for me.

The phase I’m at in my life right now is 24/7 creation in alignment with my mission and purpose.

I have 3 amazing children with my wife Shelleen Valenty. Our son Zachary, Sophia and Fiona are my best products to date.

Some things I love to do are; web and product design, programming, surfing, motocross, skiing/snowboarding, ice hockey, martial arts, camping, hiking, shooting, racing anything, flying radio controlled stuff, playing poker, inventing products, and start-up businesses.

My employees (15) are always working on exciting projects and I’m blessed with a truly remarkable team of programmers, designers, editors, publishers, management and support people.

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