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Blockchain Medical Records

KWIT Supera is a world leader in BIOMatrix identification and medical record storage and transfer

Blockchain Medical Records

We are taking our 20 years of expertiese in BioMatrix and adding blockchain for an unpresidented solution.

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The future of Medical is Blockchain

There is no better way to protect our personal content than by our biomatrix with Blockchain data tracking

WEL is a blockchain Peer-to-Peer platform with an electronic utility exchange. We have created a digital tracking and crypto token unit for value with a non-depleting AU gold deposit recorded and coded from the non-depleting monetary lien system including FIAT currency debit cards.  Each quarter and annually on December 10, 2017 an interest from the gold backed tokens will be added like an interest-bearing account or dividend.  In addition, there are limitless utility features that are attached to the token owner that can be accessed through the Ewallet as well as a bank issued debit card.  All-in-one seamless integration with Limitless value.


Digital blockchain code or “tokens” terming cryptocurrency has become one of the most discussed alternative investment options over the past few years. Cryptocurrency, digital currency allows instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership, which separates it from physical, fiat currency. However, like physical currency, it can be used to buy physical goods and services as well.

The IRS in the USA has allowed 1030 exchange with token to token transfers like real estate and stock swaps.

Digital currency like Bittoken and Ethereum have become a go-to investment for many investors. And Kingdom Depository Reserve Trust’s platform is the first to allow self-directed retirement accounts holding digital currency investments directly and integrating into FIAT and debit card payment systems.

Bittoken, Ethereum and other digital currency assets are grabbing the attention of government entities, Wall Street and Main Street, but many are unaware that you can hold digital currency that is primarily based only on perceived value not assets or reserve accounts. IRS Notice 2014-21 declares the asset as property for tax purposes, having “an equivalent value in real currency.”

These cryptocurrency assets may provide an additional opportunity for diversification beyond the traditional world of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Digital currency uses sophisticated encryption (or “cryptology”) techniques to regulate the generation of currency units and verify the transfer of funds. The transactions occur independent of a central bank, which makes this type of property attractive to investors wary of centralized currency.