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Wellness Matrix Group

Wellness Matrix Group provides a high-level personalized concierge service leading to a vast improvement in Quality of Life. It is a life extension healthcare program consisting of our of best of the best doctors which will include all available methodologies and protocols to achieving an optimal health and Longevity.

In the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, the average life expectancy was only 26 years. In the beginning of the 20th Century, life expectancy increased to 47 years. The 2010 world life expectancy was 67.2 years. According to the world health Organization, Hong Kong and Japan have the highest average life expectancy. According to the Hong Kong Department of Health, human life expectancy reached 84.0 years in 2015. A review in the Associated Press states that centenarians are the fastest-growing age segment of the global population with the number of 100-year-olds hitting 6 million by 2050.

As evidenced by the 450,000 centurians (over 100 years old) living today, concierge medicine without borders and a global sensitivity toward disease can affect longevity improvement and the quality of life by as much as 40-60%. Artificial Intelligence, 24/7 monitoring with simulated DNA, genomic and epigenetic models, and the latest nanotechnology research reviewed by the Best of the Best doctors, will provide the best of the best outcomes. Wellness Matrix Group intends to penetrate a global market of 5 million people with the highest net worth; a very small fraction of that market will make a significant impact on the company’s revenues. After sufficient data is collected from the first 500 WMG clients, a membership plan shall be offered to millions of members on a sliding scale relating to cost and services.

The Wellness Matrix Group’s research will allow humans to live as long as 150 years. Virtual Reality (VR) /Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data collection that will result in  genome analysis, monitoring and predictive simulation, a state-of-the-art Wellness Program for Quality of Life longevity. According to Science magazine, “humans are nowhere near our maximum lifespan—if such a limit exists at all.” The Wellness Matrix Group will utilize big data analytics, advanced statistics and machine learning to authenticate and validate source data.  It can also monitor body functions, analyze and optimize outcomes, protocols, and treatments from both alternative and traditional medical models. Members will receive a simulation avatar, an exact 3D copy of predictive model similar to a military simulation a full use case scenario. Our 3D avatar will represent all metabolic functions and predict future health events as well as outcome results.  The SuperaCard, an AI data keycard will provide login/logout biometric authentication, multilevel and multidimensional complete HIPPA compliance, it also allows for data storage in both, the member’s data keycard and the appropriate healthcare provider’s system. Members have access to avatar doctors, who are specialists and Best of the Best, wherever they may be in the world. The partnering of advanced technologies, big data collection and analysis offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve healthcare across the globe. Breakthroughs in nanotechnology, virtual reality and creative artificial intelligence improve delivery by quantum leaps. SuperaCard guarantees security with worldwide-patented technology that is backwards compatible with all standard credit card formats. Utilizing the Supera data keycard, all doctors and member’s records are stored and shared in the VR/Augmented Reality (AR) Creative Artificial Intelligent Platform™ online and offline.


Wellness Matrix Group (WMGR) is a publicly traded Company, whose trading symbol is OTC: WMGR.  The main focus of the Company is to develop the most technologically advanced healthcare models in a Virtual Reality (VR) Creative Artificial Intelligence (CAI) Platform by fully integrating the Health & Wellness industry networks and program tools. The Wellness Matrix Group brand will be defined by its offering of the Best of the Best Doctors and Methodologies with Genome analysis, monitoring and predictive modeling simulation providing a state of the art Wellness Program for Quality of Life Longevity. (Similar to the United Rentals in the construction industry or “the Amazon of the Healthcare Industry”

The company intends to develop relationships, joint ventures, including the following items already in place.

  • Informational health website called wellness.com
  • Provide education and marketing systems solutions for medical providers.
  • Build an Artificial Intelligence Medical system platform:
    • Futuristic Medical clinics, robotics.
    • MANU- The AI bot to answer medical questions, connect you with a Doctor, Physicians assistant, nurse or medical billing matters.
    • Virtual Reality 3D world, utilizing AI & AR.
  • Build out healthcare infrastructure within numerous countries in Africa
  • Create interactive VR environments for patient-doctor relations and global education.